Thinking About Getting Breast Plastic Surgery? Think again:

think-againBefore venturing into anything in life one must be aware of its pros and cons and must
know how the whole thing works. Especially if it’s a surgery you must know the risks
and the after effects involved in it.

Every surgeon has his own strategy to go about the surgery. Giving general or local
anesthesia is a personal choice or depends on the patient too. In some cases the
patient needs to stay in the hospital post operation and in some they can go the same
day as the surgery lasts only for two hours.

There is a certain procedure to breast plastic surgery, to begin with the surgeon
makes an incision just underneath the breast involved or in the armhole or around the
areola. Then the surgeon will cut out a pocket under the tissue of the skin and the
breast which is always under the muscles of the chest wall or some times under the
breast tissues.

This pocket is used for the implant and then the surgeon fixes the implant in it and
stitches the whole area and also puts in a drainage tube which’s used for the flow of
extra blood or fluid which will be removed later on.

This kind of invasive surgery always leads to lots of dangers and has many risks. One
must be aware of all these before they go for it. As all surgeries breast plastic
surgery can have bleeding or infection post operation. This can make the nipples very
under sensitive or over sensitive too. So think again before going for plastic surgery
for your breasts. Know all about it before going for it.

One of the most common feature which takes place in the span of next four or five
years is another implant as the earlier one tends to leak or break. This happens with
at least 30% of the women who get this implant done.

It s not dangerous but we have to replace the implant. There are other very common
symptoms also like no sensation in the breast or at times pain in the nipples and the
breast too. There might be certain scars related too.

There might be some rash in some cases or swelling, infection, hematoma, hardening of
the breasts. All these complications can occur in patients and many more too. Many
times the implant becomes visible and can be felt too.

There are many types of implants and with the growing medical technology some are of
silicon and some are the saline or the salt water implants.

They are very safe as in case they do break or leak it’s absorbed in by the body and
so the FDA says that they are sure the safest.

Silicon implants are also done by some surgeons even thou more research are being done
over the long term illness which is associated with these implants. But salt water
implants are used more than silicon implants.

Who would not want a perfect body and big and firm breasts and all this is possible by
breasts implant surgery but as so many other things are associated with this procedure
it is very important to check all the pros and cons of this surgery before you go for

As they say everything that shines is not gold so one must always check that s its
gold before running after it. Similarly in this case a full research must be done
before the surgery. So if you are thinking about plastic surgery for your breasts think again.