Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt Really Bad?

does-laser-hair-removal-hurtIf you are loosing hair in unwanted places with a laser, you are probably wondering, does laser hair removal hurt? If you are tired of waxing or shaving, there’s another alternative you might be interested in. Intense pulse laser hair removal is growing in popularity. However, there are a lot of people who have been reluctant about undergoing a procedure like this.

Back in the day, this kind of procedure was only for people who had light skin and dark hair follicles. With the improvement of technology, almost anyone is a candidate for IPL hair removal. There are a number of clinics and spas that offer this type of procedure. If you want an effective way to permanently get rid of your hair, you should learn more about laser hair removal.

In order to be hair-free, many women endure the pain of waxing every couple of weeks. The bikini line, underarms and legs are common areas that women get waxed. This process of hair removal is not permanent and only damages the hair follicles. Hair is seen to grow back a week after, depending on the hair growth cycle of the individual. Not only is this painful, but it is very expensive. If you add up the times you need to get your legs, underarms or bikini line waxed in a year, you will find that it is not a very economic solution for being smooth and hair-free.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can always stick to shaving. Most women would prefer to shave or pluck their own areas. This is an option for those who are uncomfortable with having a complete stranger rip the hair off their bodies. While this is a less expensive option for hair removal, it is not very effective. You will have to deal with nicks, burns and ingrown hair. You will notice that your hair grows within the day and the smoothness does not last at all.

With the numerous negative issues associated with shaving and waxing in mind, you would probably look for better alternatives. There are stories about IPL procedures being extremely painful and costly. Not to mention, there are people who have complained about getting scars from the treatments. If you want a fast and effective way to get rid of your hair, it is best that you find out more about IPL hair removal procedures.

This kind of hair removal procedure has been around since the 90s. Throughout time, developments have been made in order for this procedure to be more effective. Many people claim that it is an effective treatment for those who wish to permanently get rid of hair. However, there are others who are not satisfied with the results.

There are a lot of clinics that offer IPL treatments. Many people would suggest that you visit an established clinic that has trained technicians. If does-laser-hair-removal-hurt2you schedule an appointment with a cheaper clinic, you might put yourself at risk of scarring. Technology has helped in developing this type of hair removal procedure.

These developments have allowed IPL procedures to be slightly more tolerable. Many people have claimed that the pain is not too intense. You will feel tingling sensations that are bearable. If you think that it is becoming a little bit too much for you, you are free to tell the technician that you want to take a break.

This type of procedure will not remove all the hair from the certain area being treated at one time. You will need about two to eight sessions in total for all your hair to be removed. Hair grows in cycles, therefore you need to wait for the follicles to grow before they can be lasered.

The downside to this kind of procedure is that you will have to endure long hair in-between sessions – much like waxing.

Each session might cost a lot. However, if you compare it to three years of waxing every six weeks, you can definitely get your money’s worth. If you are someone who waxes or shaves often, you might want to try an IPL procedure. Find out if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment and look for a clinic near your home.

You can ask a certified IPL technician what you should do before the procedure. You can also ask the question that most people wonder about – “does laser hair removal hurt?”