Breast Augmentation Before and After – The Good And The Bad…

A lot of women, inspired by the perfect bodies which they see in movies, on TV and in magazines want to achieve the shape which they see on celebrities.

A small waist, firm, toned abs and of course, great breasts. Some of us naturally have this endowment; but many do not and would even have after_surgerysurgery to enhance their natural endowment.

Regardless of age, you probably have a few things you would  change about your body if you could. For many women, this is their breasts, which they would like to be larger. This is possible through a surgical procedure called breast augmentation. In this procedure, implants are placed in the chest to increase the size of the breasts.

The surgery goes by many different names, but is typically  referred to as a breast enlargement.

When pondering whether  or not to have a breast augmentation, do a little research  and find before and after pictures of patients who have had  the procedure. You should see what the possibilities of  scarring are and determine if you want to take the plunge  and have the surgery. Looking through pictures can also help you to decide how much of an augmentation you would like and  what you want your breasts to look like after the procedure.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated  with a breast augmentation. When considering this procedure, women should consider the cons as well as the pros; everything that will happen before, during and after the procedure. Cost is also a concern for many women – a breast augmentation can cost thousands of dollars and is beyond the means of some women. As far as the negatives of a breast augmentation are concerned, cost is one of the biggest ones.

Another downside of having a breast augmentation is that not every surgeon who performs these procedures is necessarily the best doctor.

Some have given women truly horrible results; a lot of women choose a surgeon who has little or no experience performing this procedure and can end up with breasts which they are even more unhappy with than when they began! This is why it is very important to look for an experienced surgeon to perform this procedure. There are of course a lot of pros to this procedure as well.

After a breast augmentation which goes well, a woman will find a new self-confidence and greater self esteem. Breast augmentation is a procedure which can change a woman’s life. This is why the procedure can be well worth the money and the recovery time. If a woman gets great results, she will have the confidence that comes from knowing that she looks great – and that others are noticing that too.

Before deciding to undergo a breast augmentation, keep in  mind that whether the outcome is great or not so great, this is a major change. Think the procedure through carefully  before scheduling a surgery. Be aware of all the risks and  make sure that your surgeon is one who is experienced and  has a good reputation from other women who have had the procedure.